IT & Business consulting

What we offer

Data Pro is not just a software development company – we are your business consulting partner.

To build a successful business, it is essential to take into account lots of details. Our analysts will help you to figure out the challenges of your business and offer effective ways of solving them. The tech team will implement the ideas in a software system.

Startup support

Got a great startup idea? To succeed, you need to have a strong team, and to develop an MVP that attracts your first customers.

Data Pro can help you with solving both these challenges. Our skilled business analysts will consult you at every stage of our cooperation. We will deeply study your business logic and together decide on the functionality of MVP. After presenting your startup to the general public, the business specialists of DataPro will be happy to further support and improve your product.

The technical team will be in charge of the actual development process. Our developers will implement all the features you need in a perfectly working software. We also provide post-release support services, and our development team will gladly maintain your product.

Business automation

Does your business require digitalization? To succeed, it is not enough just to hire a software development company. You need specialists that will understand the organization and needs of your business.

Here at Data Pro, we have a strong team of business analysts and project managers. They will study the logic of your company and identify the possible challenges of its digital transformation. After studying your business, our specialists will offer the variants of their solving with the help of software.

Working in cooperation with the business specialists, the technical team will implement all your requirements in a stable and scalable software system.

Our team is ready to boost your business

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