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Bridge Marketing is founded on a unified platform integrating multichannel data, advanced analytics, cloud-based data hygiene, and segment targeting technologies. The Marketing Operations teams at Bridge Marketing enable businesses to increase marketing performance with end-to-end marketing solutions and data services.


Bridge Marketing needed to leverage their massive dataset of 25 million business contacts for targeted marketing campaigns. However, the data faced several challenges:

Inconsistent Format and Duplicates:
The data originated from various sources, leading to inconsistencies and duplicate records.

Unstructured Job Titles:
Job titles lacked standardization, making targeting specific professionals difficult.
Identifying Healthcare Professionals: The data lacked explicit identification of healthcare workers, hindering targeted marketing to this valuable audience.



We developed a comprehensive business analytics and firmographics platform to address these challenges:

Data Cleaning and Normalization:
We implemented a robust data cleansing process to standardize formats, remove duplicates, and ensure data quality.
Intelligent Job Title Detection: We integrated with O*NET, the US Department of Labor’s occupational information system, to accurately identify relevant job titles within the unstructured data.
Healthcare Worker Identification and Taxonomy Mapping: We developed a proprietary algorithm utilizing the National Provider Identification (NPI) database and NUCC Health Care Provider Taxonomy Codes to identify and categorize healthcare professionals within the dataset.


The platform empowered Bridge Marketing’s clients with:

Improved Audience Targeting:
Precise identification of targeted audiences, including specific corporate executives, based on accurate firmographic and job title data.

Effective Marketing Campaigns:
Ability to tailor marketing messages to specific audience segments, leading to increased campaign effectiveness.

Enhanced Sales and Reputation:
Bridge Marketing experienced significant sales growth and solidified its reputation for providing clean and actionable data.





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