Marketing Technology

Our marketing software analyzes user behavior and engagement, and provides you with analytic tools so you can measure marketing campaign effectiveness.

Data Pro specialists have wide experience in automating the marketing process. In cooperation with your team, our developers will craft software capable of solving the following digital marketing challenges:


We developed automation solutions for marketing campaign management. Our system collects feedback from ESPs and decreases the bounce rate by optimization of the email marketing system.


Salesforce Integration

We developed the integration with Salesforce CRM system. It allows to synchronize the data from the numerous campaigns, prepare and deploy the email newsletters as well as analyze the efficiency of the marketing activities. 


We developed a database for market segmentation in B2B marketing containing clients’ business records. Our software organizes the database according to the industry, location, sales relations, business needs, and other categories.

Digital Advertising

We develop software which integrates with Facebook marketing API. Allows to boost brand discovery, drive more high-quality traffic from social, and increase marketing effectiveness throughout the Facebook ecosystem by displaying best user-generated content in Facebook ads and on social pages.


One of the main ways businesses of all industries target customers is through email marketing. Our email marketing technology can streamline your process and optimize your email marketing system so you get fewer bounces and more conversions through every campaign.

Improve conversions

With our email marketing technology, our customers see improved conversions and fewer bounces. That’s because our software optimizes email inbox placement by utilizing ISP filtering trends to ensure that the right emails get sent to the right inboxes at the right time.

Adaptive routing system

Our email marketing technology analyzes feedback from several email service providers (ESPs) and uses it to adapt your email campaign. Our software can use statistical data to deploy your campaigns to a variety of ESPs.

Track metrics

Accurate metrics are key to any successful email marketing campaign. Our proprietary email marketing technology gives you the most accurate performance metrics so you can make educated decisions about how and when to deliver future campaigns.


Salesforce is one of the most common CRMs on the market, and companies in all types of industries use it to manage their business. Our email marketing software seamlessly integrates with Salesforce so you can keep track of all your metrics in one place.

Data Pro Salesforce CRM integration

Our Salesforce CRM integration makes it easy for your business to work concurrently within Salesforce and keep your campaign data dynamically synced into one platform. This ensures you don’t lose track of key metrics and that you don’t have to waste time jumping from one platform to another to finalize your email campaigns.

Prep and deploy email newsletters through Salesforce

With Data Pro’s email marketing software, you can prepare and deploy your email newsletters through Salesforce, whether you send newsletters daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Access email marketing data through your Data Pro portal

It’s easy to keep track of all your email marketing data through the Data Pro portal. Use the portal to create content for email campaigns, measure analytics, and deploy campaigns.


Keeping track of your clients’ business records and making sure they’re organized can be a daunting task. Our Firmographics software organizes your database, ensuring that you never lose track of important and sensitive client information.

Organize your database

Our software organizes the database based on several factors. Our unique geotargeting tool lets you filter your database by location. In addition, you can organize your database by industry, business needs, sales relations, and other categories that are relevant to your specific business.

Easily search client records

Finding the right information when you need it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Our software makes it simple to search client records and find the information you need when you need it. You can also use our search tool to pull reports and analyze data.

Generate leads

With an organized database for all your client information, you can more easily generate leads for your business. Having a simple way to filter information and search for clients lets you target specific clients so you can address their specific needs.


Facebook advertising is an important way for businesses to target customers and generate leads. Our digital advertising software fully integrates with Facebook marketing API to help you grow your business and find new customers.

Easily track campaigns

By using software that integrates with Facebook’s API, you can easily track campaigns with reports, analytics, and more. This makes it simple to see how your Facebook ads are performing without needing to recreate ads within the platform.

Display relevant user-generated content

Our software displays the most relevant user-generated content on your Facebook ad campaigns and on your social media pages to give your business social proof and boost brand discovery.

Get more social traffic

The goal of a Facebook ad campaign is to get more traffic for your business. Our proprietary software will help you expand your reach on social media so you get more traffic on your social media pages. This translates to more leads and more clients for your business.

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