Media News Industry


The media news industry is constantly evolving and growing as an online platform, and it presents a great number of opportunities to analyze and promote your brand value.

Knowing what’s being said about your brand online is essential for keeping track of your online presence and adapting it as needed. Staying on top of every news story that mentions your brand without a strategic partner can be a challenge, though.

Collecting the data

Our software automates the process of collecting and systematizing the information using almost any source: RSS feeds, emails, paywalled publishers, website crawling, API.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Working with the content, our system processes news titles and abstracts using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and tags content based on Named EntityRecognition.

Competitive Intelligence

Application is using natural language processing (NLP) and/or AI to fine-tune and better filter results for competitive intelligence.


At Data Pro, we evaluate and influence your brand’s image online through forums, news sites, and social networks. As a result, your business has a better online image and reputation and you have valuable data about your competitors and industry that you can leverage to optimize your marketing efforts.

We specialize in news aggregation, tagging using Named Entity Recognition (NER), curation using machine learning, analytics, and competitive intelligence.

News aggregation

Our software automates the process of collecting and systematizing information about your company that shows up on news and media websites across the web. It ensures that nothing gets overlooked so you have the full scope of what’s being said about your brand on news sites.


Named entity recognition

Our system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) to accurately and efficiently tag content as it processes news titles and abstracts that it finds on news sites across the internet. This makes it easy for you to quickly identify relevant news content that mentions your brand.


News curation

Our software will curate the content that it finds and tags for you, giving you a thorough overview of what’s being said about your brand online. Instead of digging through millions of news sites and feeds yourself, you can easily access your curated content. This prevents information overload while still giving you all the information you need about your brand’s online presence.


Our software displays analytic reports, giving you valuable insight that you can use to make data-driven decisions to move your brand forward. Our system tracks your brand mentions and presents the information in easy-to-read tables and diagrams.



Understanding your brand’s online presence is important, but so is knowing what your competitors are up to. Working closely with your team, DataPro developers can create a competitor intelligence system for analyzing your competitors’ digital marketing activities.
Here’s a look at the automated competitor research process:

  • Data collection: We’ll automatically collect information about your competitors’ marketing activities by tracking their brand mentions in online resources.
  • Processing and storing information: Once we collect data, we’ll process it and store it in a secure database for you to access as you need to.
  • Data analysis: You’ll get analytic reports of your competitors’ internet activity along with a helpful analysis so you can easily understand what your competitors are doing and how you can compete with them.
  • Planning: All of this information will help you better prepare future marketing campaigns by making strategic decisions based on what your competitors are doing and how successful their online campaigns are.

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