Natural Language Processing

Machine learning

Natural Language Processing

The Machine Learning algorithms are capable of training the computer to perceive and understand human speech without transforming it into computer language. This technology is called Natural Language Processing.

NLP opens the door to the development of the Media Industry: the ability of the computer to work with human speech makes it capable of automating the news industry all over the world. The NLP algorithms are capable of searching the necessary information, parsing, analyzing and systematizing the news according to the settled criteria.

The capabilities of NLP-algorithms

Keywords extraction

By analyzing the frequency of using each word in the article, the system can define its topic and extracts the keywords (people, events, locations). Basing on this information, the NLP-algorithms define the most popular topics and sort the articles according to their relevance.

Sentiment Analysis

The NLP system can define the author’s attitude to the subject of this article. In a news app, it helps to define the opinions of certain groups of people, systematize the articles according to them. By presenting various opinions, the application ensures full and objective topic coverage.

Parsing the relevant information

Working with the keywords and the author’s attitude to the subject of the article, the NLP-algorithms can filter out the relevant pieces of information. This feature will be helpful both for the readers and journalists. The audience will be able to quickly find the necessary articles and the journalists will automate the process of collecting the information and speed up their work.

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