Software development

We provide full-lifecycle software development services. Let’s see, how the development processes are organized at DataPro team.

Project vision

Before starting the work on the project, we negotiate with the customer. From our side, the business and tech specialists discuss the requirements with the client’s team. We deeply study the client’s business model that helps us to better understand the project’s goal and to offer the most suitable solutions for achieving it.


Once the requirements are clarified, the project managers and the development team go into details. They make the estimation that will define, how much time and money the development process will take. Once this stage is completed, we present to the customer the cost-effective plan of development that suits the project’s time & money resources.



Architecture design

This is the primary stage of the software development process. The architecture of the software system determines the way it will work and scale in future. By diving into your business, our engineers develop a reliable system that will ensure smooth development and maintenance process.

Backend & Frontend development

Our team of backend and frontend developers implement all the necessary features of your product. The tight cooperation of backend and frontend teams will speed up the development and ensure the perfect performance of the software.

Responsive design

Your product’s success depends not only on its functionality and performance but also on the modern and clear interface. Our UI/UX designers will do their best in order to create the user-friendly design that will be easy to use on any device.

QA engineering

Our team of QA specialists will test the project and ensure that your product works perfectly on all platforms you need. This is not about just “finding bugs”, this is an obvious step to ensure that your product meets the requirements.


Once it’s time for release, our engineers will upload the software on production servers and make sure that everything works in the way it should.

Support & Maintenance

The development work is not finished when the project is released. The software requires further maintenance and improvement and our developers will gladly provide post-release support of your product.

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