Business intelligence

Machine learning

Business intelligence

This is the most complex branch of Machine Learning & Data Science industries. Each business produces lots of information hourly. It is stored in Excel spreadsheets, Google docs, CRM-systems etc. The goal of BI software is to organize this unstructured data and to turn it into valuable information.

DataPro team can help your business by developing an innovative business system for your enterprise. Our software solution will have a positive impact on customer relations, financial security and marketing activities of your company. The BI system will help you to:

  • Improve interaction with the customers
  • Automate the decision-making, analytic and reporting processes
  • Speed up the work of all departments
  • Reduce the operating costs

How BI can help your business

Customer intelligence

The BI software will analyze the behaviour of each and every customer and visitor of your website. You will have full information interests, search history on your website, shopping activity. By offering personalized discounts, you may enhance customer loyalty.

Financial intelligence

BI software will definitely have a positive impact on your company’s finances. If your business is directly connected with the financial industry, the innovative tech system will secure the client’s money and prevent fraud incidents. Even if you are not operating in fintech area, the business system will optimize the work of the financial department.

Marketing intelligence

Modern business can’t do without marketing activities and business software can improve their efficiency. The marketing system will analyze the user behaviour, engagement and provide analytic tools for measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

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