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Bridge Marketing is founded on a unified platform integrating multichannel data, advanced analytics, cloud-based data hygiene, and segment targeting technologies. The Marketing Operations teams at Bridge Marketing enable businesses to increase marketing performance with end-to-end marketing solutions and data services.

Business challenge

The Bridge Marketing dataset contained nearly 25 million business contacts and records. We needed to develop an application that fasts and efficiently return results based on selected parameters and geolocation. This includes a detection of the relevant job titles. In addition,  we needed to match and assign each health professional a medical taxonomy code.

Problem Statement

Cleanse and normalize raw data that contains various and numerous information.
Design user friendly tool for searching, analyzing, and reporting data
Develop a search feature that includes all relevant job titles.

Challenge # 1

Challenge # 2

Challenge # 3


Data cleansing, normalizing and deduping.
The dataset contained nearly 25 million records. These records were results of putting together records from different datasets in different formats. The initial processing required to cleanse and normalize the data and remove the duplicate records.

Detect relevant job titles.
The dataset job titles didn’t have any common names and couldn’t be easily normalized.
Our solution based on implementing a relevant algorithm by integrating with the O*NET software, which is the primary source of occupational information in the US.

Detect healthcare workers and assign a medical taxonomy code.
The dataset didn’t specifically label each business professional as a healthcare worker. Bridge’s customers would greatly be benefited by targeting a medical audience.
We needed to identify health professionals and assign to each a medical taxonomy code. As a result, we’ve created a proprietary algorithm that utilized the National Provider Identification (NPI) database to match and assign each health professional a medical taxonomy code using the Health Care Provider Taxonomy Codes from the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC).

The new business analytics and firmographics platform led to more successful identification of the audience for Bridge’s customers. Bridge’s clients were able to reach corporate executives they targeted quickly and affordably, and they were able to customize marketing messages to their exact audiences.
Our solutions significantly increased Bridge Marketing’s sales and improved its reputation for providing clean data.





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