Ukraine Recommends Data Pro

  • By Boris Eibelman
  • 09/21/2021
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We have seen as well as engineered a good number of breakthroughs in our time. However, it still astounds us to discover that as we have aided businesses to grow, our own has significantly flourished meanwhile. 

When you’re truly dedicated to the success of your client, it’s easy to push your own goals to the back burner, so we’re taking this time to celebrate ourselves! Data Pro Software has been acknowledged as one of the Most Recommended Agencies on The Manifest, a company listings and business development platform!

How we got to this point, though, is a story best told from the very beginning:

We entered the market in 2012, partnering with startups that needed help with conceptualizing, building, and launching their MVPs. We also took up projects with already established businesses that sought to digitally transform their operations. 

We steadily gained traction and built momentum in the years since and, in 2021, received our first ever client review on a widely known B2B ratings platform! Though we’ve served countless customers prior, this particular milestone still spurred us to continue providing top-notch development services for companies within the educational, travel, hospitality, and tech industry. 

In the same year, Data Pro Software saw its efforts pay off as we made it to the ranks of The Most Recommended AI Developers in Ukraine! That our company is also on the list of top-rated companies in the country’s capital, Kyiv, only means that our expertise has undeniable pull both in the city and all over the country!

Achievements like this are invigorating to receive on top of the positive feedback from our customers. We’re motivated, more than ever, to innovate and improve not just businesses we partner with but also the industries they belong in, as that is the one true purpose of every tech company!
Got an idea for a project? Tell us about it. We love a good challenge!